Compression Garnments by VOE

Since 1985 VOE manufactured pressotherapy garments for plastic and aesthetic surgery postoperative period.

About VOE

Specialized in the manufacture of compression garments.

Since 1985, VOE, S.A. has specialized in the manufacture of compression garments for the postoperative period following plastic and cosmetic surgery. We use the finest raw materials in the manufacture of our products.

We’re proud that distributors in more than 70 countries across the world all put their trust in our service, and we constantly innovate to satisfy the needs of the market.

VOE Quality

It's our mission to supply garments that are functional and comfortable, with top quality finishes. We manufacture with the latest generation elastic fabrics for your most comfortable and optimal recovery

Capsule with active Ingredients
Release of Active Ingredients


NUHA’s team of specialists have one goal in mind: to offer clients comfortable products of the highest possible quality.

Cotton Bras

Nuha Sport

Nuha Alba

Bras with Aloe

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

After a surgical procedure it’s important to use a garment with the right level of compression to help reduce swelling resulting from the operation.


VOE Slim garments are made of stretch fabric that contains thousands of resistant microcapsules with active ingredients that are released gradually during the garment’s life while it is being used.

Buttock Lifting

High Waisted Girdle




Throughout the patient’s healing period, when considered appropriate by the practitioner, the use of elastic pressure garments is recommended for the treatment of any injury that could potentially increase the risk of hypertrophies.

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