January 11, 2022

How To Create Long-Term Behavioral Changes Using My Gastric Balloon

The Real Reason Behind Obesity

We all know that shedding those unwanted pounds can be like pulling teeth, and personal health behaviors are notoriously hard to implement! The reason for obesity does not stem from food, rather from our underlying psychological and emotional attachment to food.

So, in order to achieve weight loss and consistent weight maintenance thereafter – it is crucial that we transform our toxic, unhealthy thinking and habits surrounding food into positive health behaviors. And hey…sometimes we all just need a little crutch along the way to assist us in meeting our weight loss goals! Let’s explore some ways in which you can create lifelong healthful behaviors for the better!

Some Long-Term Health Behavior Examples

Healthy and balanced diet

Prepare and follow a healthy and balanced diet that provides your body with the nutrition it requires, which includes all your macro and micronutrients and major food groups. The major food groups include: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and fruit, dairy (or dairy alternatives) and vitamins and minerals. When your body is given good nutrition to fuel it throughout the day, there is less chance of binge cycles. Keep heavily processed and unnatural foods to a minimum for weight control, as well as for general health reasons.

Conscious about food

Don’t attach food to emotions and vice versa. Emotional eaters tend to associate their emotions with food, and will eat when experiencing any emotion from depression to anxiety to happiness and boredom and so on. Work on being mindful and completely conscious about your food intake. Make a meal-plan, track your food intake, or keep a food diary to help you be in control of the process.

Helpful eating habits

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthier versions, like enjoying a bowl of popcorn instead of a bag of chips or some dried fruit and nuts instead of a slab of chocolate. You can incorporate some treats into your meal-plan but just don’t go overboard! When it comes to helpful eating habits examples, it sounds cliché but moderation and balance is key!

Healthy Diet to Weight Loss

Watch out the portions

Ensure you are practicing sensible portion control. For example, a good rule of thumb regarding your plate is your protein and carb size should be approximately the size of your hand, while you can stock up the rest of your plate with vegetables and salads.

Keep moving

Make sure you incorporate exercise, movement and activity into your routine. Stick to exercise you most enjoy and which is sustainable on a long-term basis. Some ideas include joining a gym or engaging in home exercises, taking part in sports or hobbies such as going for a walk or jog, tennis, golf, dance or yoga. There are also plenty of apps and online resources to help you make an exercise plan.

How Spatz3 Helps You Create Healthy Eating Behavior

The Spatz3 offers a fully customizable weight loss system depending on your personal needs and requirements. The Spatz balloon’s extended implantation period gives you the necessary time frame to adjust to your new healthier lifestyle. Plus, the gastric balloon can be adjusted both up and down depending on your situation. Use the balloon as a tool which provides the opportunity to change all your bad habits, and finally gain control over food and your weight!

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Routine

How The Adjustable Feature Helps You Change Behavior Long Term

Most normal gastric balloons stop working after about four months, during which patients start packing on the pounds again! Needless to say, this time frame is not adequate enough to change one’s entire thought patterns and negative food habits. Spatz3, on the other hand, remains in the stomach for up to a year, giving one the necessary time period in which to facilitate a healthy and maintainable relationship and pattern with food.

The Spatz3 balloon is an invaluable alternative in the fight against losing excess fat. It is the first and only balloon designed to be adjustable. This means you can adjust the volume up in order to take up more space in the stomach, resulting in increased feelings of satiety. You can also adjust the volume down for people who are sensitive and intolerant to a balloon procedure.

Normally with other gastric balloons on the market, these sensitive patients would unfortunately be forced to have the device extracted. But the Spatz balloon is especially engineered to remain intact for an extended treatment period to ultimately develop beneficial health behavior examples, making it the most secure and comfortable treatment available globally!

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